The Encounter Series - Science Fiction Adventure

Carib Encounter

Book #1

Jenna and Judd, University students, happen upon a UFO battle. Despite their better instincts, they step in and help the surviving ET hide his craft until repairs can be made. He rewards them with recruitment to fly saucers for an alien Confederation.

Others are also recruited and they become Jenna's Team.
Soon they find themselves on a giant extraterrestrial starship out near the moon where they fly critical missions for the ETs. Their adventures include rescuing abductees, hunting asteroids, and helping accomplish alien disclosure, the proof of extraterrestrial existence. 

Alien Discovery
Piloting  Flying Saucers
Asteroid Hunting
Alien Abductions
New Friends & Romance
Alien Disclosure
Black Ops - MAJIC
Ancient Astronauts
Flying Saucer Technology
MedPod Technology
An alien dance ball

Sautarian Encounter

Book #2

Immediately after alien disclosure, the world is faced with a sudden and unexpected extinction-level event initiated in the ancient past.  With assistance of the 5th dimensional Sautarians, Jenna's team time-travels back to the ancient Inca Empire to interact with a Reptilian colony known as the Nagas. Hopefully they will uncover critical lost knowledge to help fight the terrible plague. But among their worse nightmare is inadvertently changing Earth’s time-line during their investigation. 

Back in 2020, the humans and their ET allies fight a very real and brutal alien invasion with plague ships discharging their deadly toxins. Success is uncertain.

An Extinction Level Event
An Ancient Revenge Pact
Sterilization & Colonization
Inca Empire
Weaponized Plagues
Space Battles
Reptilians on Earth
Romance & Sex

Quantum Encounter

Book #3

Extraterrestrials from a planet 150 light years from earth seek out Jenna's team to help unravel an enigmatic mystery that threatens survival of their entire civilization. But the Oreno mystery turns out to be far from simple. It involves multiple worlds, extreme technology, and off-world pirates.

Jenna's team also visits the Sautarian home world on the other side of the Galaxy. Thousand of years more developed than Earth, the Sautarian civilization has perfected extreme virtual reality where every dream … or nightmare can virtually come true.

Old Friends & Lovers
An Intergalactic Mystery
5th Dimensional Travel
A Dying World
Pirate Attacks
Forgotten Abductees
Friendly Artificial Intelligence
Gunship Diplomacy
Extreme Virtual Reality
Advanced Civilizations
Astronomical Wonders

The Encounter Series

A Blast of Science Fiction

Take a fresh look at extraterrestrials as they encounter humans.
There's new insight, humor, chill technology, and even romance.

All three books soon to be available on Amazon Books.

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