Prembrokk Station Series - Science Fiction Adventure

Prembrokk Station

An Alien Outpost

Fleeing destruction of their home planet Yupp, a Sig-Nordic Starship suffers hyperdrive engine meltdown during their exodus. Ejected into normal space some twenty light years short of their target star system, they find themselves within the Sol system and limp into orbit around the third planet.

Earth time is 1460 CE, the late Medieval iron age in Europe. Reconciled to their plight, the young survivors build a hidden colony in the fjords of medieval Norway. Despite the odds, they learn to relate with the local Norwegian culture while fighting diabolical alien invaders. The Sig-Nordics bring both humor, warmth and even romance to their story of survival.

Prembrokk Station and the Sig-Nordics are mentioned in the Encounter Series, but this novel fully stands alone.


Wizard of Prembrokk Station

It's 1909. Aviation is taking wing. But for Tamrik, a gifted extraterrestrial from the hidden Prembrokk Station, life is becoming complicated. He is confronted by three simultaneous challenges. One involves unknown fierce aliens intent destroying Prembrokk Station. The second is assisting a group of advanced shape-shifters with critical business in the American West. Finally and perhaps most disrupting of all is his unexpected romance with a beautiful English woman who is both resourceful and well ahead of her time. How does Tamrik, his team, and his friendly Artificial Intelligence systems deal with this new reality?

Tamrik continues the story of the Sig-Nordics as a hidden colony on Earth, circa 1909. The novel stands alone and does not require knowledge of the earlier Prembrokk Station story. In fact it is set 454 years later.

Foo Fighters

Under Development

World War II was a watershed crisis that engulfed the entire world in conflict. The combatants on all sides rapidly adapted known technology for wartime use, while greatly expanding its capability. But did they realize what terrible powers they could unleash?

The Sig-Nordic of Prembrokk Station couldn't avoid seeing the conflict tear across the world,  but what did they do in response. What side were they on?

The mysterious Foo Fighters of WW2 have never been fully explained.  Nor has the rumored Nazi flying saucer experiments.   While Foo Fighters of Prembrokk Station shares some characters with Tamrik, the novel fully stands along and does not require knowledge of the earlier stories.

The Prembrokk Station Series

A Blast of Science Fiction

Take a fresh look at extraterrestrials as they encounter the human world.
There's new insight, humor, chill technology, and even romance.

Two Series - Five Great Novels

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